Let's fight opioid over-prescription

In 2016, there were 63,632 drug overdose deaths in the US; more than 40% of those deaths involved a prescription opioid.1 The problem is staggering.

In April 2018, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released funding to all U.S. states and territories—totaling $485 million—to combat the nation’s opioid crisis. An additional $1 billion is expected to be released in September of 2018.2

HHS Secretary Alex Azar described the funds as being earmarked to, “help support evidence-based efforts at the state level to prevent misuse of opioids.”

If your practice wants to reduce the number of opioids prescribed to your patients, now is the time to act. Federal grant funding is available at the state level for organizations who are implementing innovative ways to reduce opioid prescriptions.

SonoSite Ultrasound-Guided Opioid Prevention Program

Fujifilm SonoSite is committed to partnering with healthcare groups that seek to reduce opioid abuse while providing effective emergent, perioperative, and chronic pain control.

That’s why we developed the SonoSite Point-of-Care Ultrasound Opioid Prevention Program—a solution for adding ultrasound-guided nerve blocks to your pain management protocols.

The Opioid Prevention Program includes:

  • SonoSite X-Porte, Edge II, or SII Ultrasound System
  • HFL38 and C60 transducers for nerve visualization
  • The SonoSite Solution Quality Improvement Booklet on Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia for Opioid Reduction
  • Information on federal funding
  • Successful opioid reduction case study articles

Want to talk to your local SonoSite Territory Manager about reducing the need for opioid prescriptions? Contact us now.

“Performing nerve blocks in the emergency department makes perfect sense. Instead of sending someone out the door with 60 Percocet, in some cases, we should be using point-of-care ultrasound-guided regional nerve blocks to manage pain and help the patient avoid habitual opioid use.”

Dr. Theresa Bowling, Anesthesiologist at St. Vincent Medical Center, Stamford, CT

SonoSite Point-of-Care Ultrasound Solutions for Regional Nerve Blocks

The SonoSite X-Porte is the world’s first kiosk-based point-of-care ultrasound system. It uses proprietary beam-focusing technology to clearly visualize nerves with reduced artifact clutter and enhanced contrast resolution.

The SonoSite Edge II is portable and compact, with an optional stand for easy movement between rooms. When visual acuity is paramount, Edge II delivers with a wide-angle, anti-glare display and industry-first transducer innovations.

From nerve blocks to vascular access, the highly maneuverable SonoSite SII can go where your workflow takes you. A start-up time of under 30 seconds makes the SII a favorite in procedural guidance, including regional anesthesia. Optional zero footprint mount optimizes space in confined areas.

Get started by adding ultrasound-guided nerve blocks to your pain management protocols. Fill out the form to have your local SonoSite Territory Manager contact you.

1 Seth P, Scholl L, Rudd RA, Bacon S. Overdose Deaths Involving Opioids, Cocaine, and Psychostimulants. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2018;67:349–358. www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/67/wr/mm6712a1.htm. Accessed June 12, 2018.

2 HHS provides states second installment of grant awards to combat opioid crisis. 2018. www.hhs.gov/about/news/2018/04/18/hhs-provides-states-second-installment-grant-awards-combat-opioid-crisis.html. Accessed June 12, 2018.

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